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My Tunes

My love of Scandinavian fiddle traditions has inspired me to compose quite a few tunes in traditional styles. Often I create a tune specifically for a friend and/or a special occasion like a wedding or birthday, and of course my wife Sally is my greatest muse.

The mp3 clips here are sound samples from my recordings. If you're hoping to find sheet music for something that doesn't yet have a PDF posted here, feel free to ask me about it.

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tune namemp3pdfwritten fordancerecorded on
Alan's Farewell mp3pdf My brother Alanlistening tune Northlands
Bob och Lauras 40-Årsvals (Bob & Laura's 40th Anniversary Waltz) mp3pdf Bob & Laura Steinwaltz With Friends
Bob and Laura's Schottis mp3pdf Bob & Laura Steinschottis Letter from America
Brad och Beths Bröllopspolska (Brad & Beth's Wedding Polska) mp3 pdf Brad & Beth BatteyRättvikspolska With Friends
Bruremarsj Hennes Elizabeth (Wedding March for Elizabeth) mp3 My step-daughter, Elizabeth Chandlerbridal march Northlands
Carols Schottis mp3 Carol Bellschottis Northlands
David och Sandras Bröllopsmarsch (David & Sandra's Wedding March) mp3 pdf David Bilides & Sandra Deanbridal march With Friends
The Fifth Brad mp3pdf Brad Battey the fifthmarch Letter from America
Fred och Tobys 5-Årsvals (Fred & Toby's 5th Anniversary Waltz) mp3pdf Fred Bialy & Toby Bloméwaltz Letter from America
Fred och Tobys 10-Årspolska (Fred & Toby's 10th Anniversary Polska) mp3pdf Fred Bialy & Toby BloméBingsjöpolska Letter from America
Freds Festvals (Fred's Birthday Waltz) mp3 pdf Fred Bialywaltz With Friends
Greg and Gretchen's Waltz mp3 pdf Greg Meisner and Gretchen Prestonwaltz Letter from America
Hambo till Sally (Hambo for Sally) mp3pdf My wife, Sally Chandlerhambo With Friends
Helen och Jims Bröllopsmarsch (Helen & Jim's Wedding March) mp3pdf Helen Chandler & Jim Neumannbridal march Letter from America
Inspirationen (The Inspiration) mp3 A beautiful day at Buffalo GapBingsjöpolska With Friends
Kry på dig, Carolyn! (Get Well, Carolyn!) mp3pdf Carolyn PulisRättvikspolska Northlands
Längtan efter Sally (Longing for Sally) mp3pdf My wife, Sally Chandlerwaltz Northlands
Mary och Evans Bröllopsvals (Mary & Evan's Wedding Waltz) mp3pdf Mary Bonhag & Evan Premowaltz Northlands
Mom's Waltz mp3pdf my mother, Arlene Saganwaltz Letter from America
Planxty John and Patty mp3pdf John Masterson & Patty Witheywaltz With Friends
Pols til Fred (Pols for Fred) mp3pdf Fred BialyRørospols Northlands
Pols til Lynn og Ted (Pols for Lynn and Ted) mp3pdf Lynn Baumeister & Ted HodappRørospols Northlands
Sallys Bröllopsmarsch (Sally's Wedding March) mp3pdf My wife, Sally Chandlerbridal march Northlands
Sallys Födelsedagspolska (Sally's Birthday Polska) mp3pdf My wife, Sally ChandlerBingsjöpolska Northlands
Sven och Jorys Bröllopsvals (Sven & Jory's Wedding Waltz) mp3 Tom (Sven) Roby & Marjorie (Jory) Nugentwaltz With Friends
The Three Bs mp3pdf Brad, Beth, & Bridgette Batteyschottis Northlands
Välkommen Hem Sally (Welcome Home Sally) mp3pdf my wife, Sally Chandlermarch Letter from America
William and Lucy mp3pdf William Brockman & Lucy Haddenschottis With Friends

Workshop Tunes

If you've attended one of my workshops, I may have referred you to my site for a PDF version of the tune(s) I taught. Please contact me if you're looking for something that's not here yet.