Letter from America (Brev från Amerika) (2018)

Mostly music in Swedish style but composed by American musicians including Peter Blue, Andrea Hoag, David Kaynor, Aaron Marcus, Irene Myers, Melissa Running and myself. Brad has been my Swedish fiddling partner since he was young.

Featuring: Bruce Sagan (fiddle, nyckelharpa), Brad Battey (fiddle, nyckelharpa)

  1. The Fifth Brad (© Bruce Sagan)
  2. Fred och Tobys 10-Årspolska (© Bruce Sagan)
  3. Margie's Schottis (© Aaron Marcus)
  4. Greg and Gretchen's Waltz (© Bruce Sagan)
  5. McKenzie Rose (© Peter Blue)
  6. Helen och Jims Bröllopsmarsch (© Bruce Sagan)
  7. Rich in Love (© Andrea Hoag)
  8. Välkommen Hem Sally (© Bruce Sagan)
  9. Fred och Tobys 5-Årsvals (© Bruce Sagan)
  10. Tandempolska (© Melissa Running)
  11. Karen's Kitchen(© David Kaynor)
  12. Blå Måla (© Irene Myers)
  13. William (© Peter Blue)
  14. Meg's Polska(© Aaron Marcus)
  15. Bob and Laura's Schottis (© Bruce Sagan)
  16. Jubileumspolska (© Irene Myers)
  17. Mom's Waltz (© Bruce Sagan)

This CD is out of print, but you can now buy a digital copy.

Northlands on Bandcamp

Northlands (2010)

This project draws together a collection of our original tunes, inspired by our shared passion for Scandinavian fiddle traditions and composed in traditional styles. You'll find waltzes, schottises, polskas, and more — all in rich twin-fiddle harmonies, played on fiddles and nyckelharpas.
(See also the Northlands web page.)

Featuring: Bruce Sagan (fiddle, nyckelharpa, hardingfele), lydia ievins (fiddle, nyckelharpa)

  1. Sallys Födelsedagspolska (Sally's Birthday Polska) (© Bruce Sagan)
  2. Dewitt Road (© lydia ievins)
  3. Hedgehog Waltz (© lydia ievins)
  4. The Three Bs (© Bruce Sagan)
  5. Mrs. Chambers (© Peter Blue)
  6. Polska till Margie (Polska for Margie) (© lydia ievins)
  7. Carols Schottis (© Bruce Sagan)
  8. Erics Bänk (Eric's Bench) (© lydia ievins)
  9. Pols til Fred (Pols for Fred) (© Bruce Sagan)
  10. Bruremarsj Hennes Elizabeth (Wedding March for Elizabeth) (© Bruce Sagan)
  11. Längtan efter Sally (Longing for Sally) (© Bruce Sagan)
  12. Kry på Dig, Carolyn! (Get Well, Carolyn!) (© Bruce Sagan)
  13. Waiting for Andrea (© lydia ievins)
  14. Pols til Lynn og Ted (Pols for Lynn and Ted) (© Bruce Sagan)
  15. Sallys Bröllopsmarsch (Sally's Wedding March) (© Bruce Sagan)
  16. Lullaby (© lydia ievins)
  17. Mary och Evans Bröllopsvals (Mary and Evan's Wedding Waltz) (© Bruce Sagan)
  18. Alan's Farewell (© Bruce Sagan)
Bruce Sagan: With Friends

This CD is out of print, though you may still succeed in finding a copy. As of this writing (4/2021), there are a few copies available from Amazon.

Bruce Sagan: With Friends (2002)

Music in both Scandinavian and Balkan traditions, played with my music buddies in the Ann Arbor area. My Balkan trio with Nan and Chris is called Veselba, which means "merriment" in Bulgarian. Brad is my Swedish fiddling partner. This album features a number of my original tunes inspired by both genres, along with some other traditional and contemporary tunes.

Featuring: Bruce Sagan (fiddle, hardingfele, nyckelharpa, gûdulka), Brad Battey (fiddle), Chris Rietz (kaval), Nan Nelson (tambura, bass)

  1. Bob och Lauras 40-årsvals (© Bruce Sagan)
  2. Freds Festvals (© Bruce Sagan)
  3. David och Sandras Bröllopsmarsch (© Bruce Sagan)
  4. William and Lucy (© Bruce Sagan)
  5. Inspirationen (© Bruce Sagan)
  6. Brad och Beths Bröllopspolska (© Bruce Sagan)
  7. Balkanpolska (© Ola Bäckström) / Dajčovo (trad. Bulgarian)
  8. Pravo (© Atanas Vûlčev)
  9. Radomirska Bavna Melodia (trad. Bulgaria) / Kopanitsa (© Atanas Vûlčev)
  10. Rûčenitsa (© Atanas Vûlčev)
  11. Lale Li Si (trad. Bulgaria) / Pajduškos (© Atanas Vûlčev / © Todor Prašenov)
  12. Sven och Jorys Bröllopsvals (© Bruce Sagan)
  13. Planxty John and Patty (© Bruce Sagan)
  14. X Hambo (© Thomas Thiger)
  15. Hambo till Sally (© Bruce Sagan)

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This CD is out of print, though you may still succeed in finding a copy. As of this writing (9/2020), there are a few copies available from Amazon.

Spelstundarna (1993)

Traditional and new fiddle music from Scandinavia. This is an album that I made with Andrea Hoag; we are also assisted on several cuts by Larry Robinson on bouzouki. I usually play fiddle on the album but there are a couple of cuts each with hardingfele and nyckelharpa. About half of the tracks are traditional Swedish tunes. The other half is a mix of recently composed melodies both from the USA (in Scandinavian style) and Sweden, as well as tunes from Norway and Finland.

Featuring: Andrea Hoag (fiddle, vocals), Bruce Sagan (fiddle, hardingfele, nyckelharpa), Larry Robinson (bouzouki)

  1. Knarligen (©1993 Andrea Hoag)
  2. Dubbelbeckasinen (© Petter Lodmark/Thomas Thiger)
  3. Polska efter Pål Karl Persson (trad. Älvdalen)
  4. Gofarlåtten (trad. Valdres)
  5. Halling etter Knut Dahle (trad. Telemark)
  6. Vals efter Gås Anders (trad. Uppland)
  7. Vem tar hand om hösten (© Lars-Göran Göransson)
  8. Ebbas brudpolska (© Ola Bäckström)
  9. Semlan (©1991 Andrea Hoag)
  10. Vals efter Hagholm (trad. Östergötland)
  11. Wildflower Seed (©1991 Andrea Hoag)
  12. Polska efter Gref Juga (trad. Orsa)
  13. Skälarna (trad. Uppland)
  14. Trollrikepolskan (© Eric Sahlström)
  15. I hela naturen (trad. Swedish)
  16. Marsch i säng (© Jonas Olsson)
  17. Schottis från Grästorp (trad. Västergötland)
  18. Polska efter Knuter Jon (trad. Ore)
  19. Plira man lagom (trad. Småland) / Ödets nyck (©1992 David Lamb)
  20. Konstan Parempi Valssi (© Konsta Jylhä)

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